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Violinist Composer



Particle Fields

Particle Fields was written and recorded with LA based composer/violinist Savannah Jo Lack earlier this year in Los Angeles. The album features Koch´s hallmark detailed and organic soundscapes as well as the cinematic, lush string arrangements by Savannah Jo Lack giving the album both an emotional depth and a contemporary production that is highly visual.

Koch and Lack wrote the songs together from scratch, instead of superimposing string arrangements over existing electronic compositions, they let both musical worlds grow together organically, which was exciting and creatively challenging for both artists. Particle Fields embraces the stark and rich emotive qualities of both the classical and electronic music worlds, mashing them up to create a new sonic landscape that is both visceral and cinematic. Particle Fields is available here.




The Dream is a short experimental dance film exploring the world of dreams. The 'sleeping' woman is representative of humanity's oblivious state of spiritual ignorance of what is truly real, awakening the spirit where Magic dwells.

Eta Aquarid

Named after the meteor shower raining down on planet Earth while it was being written, this is the first single from a cinematic collaboration album with Robert Koch, Particle Fields

lighthouse keeper

Live looping, inspired by the light keepers among us, ever reminding our hearts to shine through loneliness and dark times. Produced with Fiora, recorded by Bent Holiday at East West Studios.

The Australian-born, East Bay–based artist is a rare and beautiful talent
— Paul Freeman – The Mercury News, U.S.
Savannah Jo Lack

Artist bio

As a little girl, Savannah Jo built tree houses, grew vegetables, and rode her bike around the sprawling streets of suburban Brisbane, Australia. Sometime around the age of 4, a violin bit her. Whilst not fatal, the incident did leave her with a strange mark on her neck and a long-standing love of all things string. Fast-forward 3 decades and Savannah Jo Lack has left her own strange mark on the world. She and her violin have carved several enviable niches, none of which could completely contain them. Known to some as a violin soloist, to others as a strings arranger and session musician – and to others as a composer and improv jazz musician, Savannah is an international woman of musical mystery.

Savannah has most recently worked with award winning producer, Robot Koch on a cinematic release out on Trees and Cyborgs label in Oct 2016



Savannah Jo Lack is an Australian violinist and composer currently based in Los Angeles. Her work as a violinist and arranger can be heard on many studio albums, as well as soundtracks and film scores. The award-winning performer bridges the gaps between technical proficiency and expressiveness.



  • Golden Fiddle - National Award, Australia, Best Violinist on an Album –‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ by trinkets 2005
  • Churchill Fellowship Award – National Award, Australia, 2006

Work Experts

  • Bauer - composer, original score, Off-Broadway Play
  • Killing Ground - full length movie, featured violinist
  • Empyrean - short film, violinist
  • Exitus Roma - short film, violinist
  • Paul Reiser show - violinist, theme song

Performance & CompositioN

  • Killing Ground – Featured Violinist 2016
  • Alanis Morissette - Flavors of Entanglement - Orchestral violinist
  • Bauer – Composer - Off-Broadway play 2015
  • Paul Reiser Show – Violinist, theme song, 2011
  • The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson – Violinist, 2010
  • Extra T.V Show – Violinist, 2011
  • Sir Cliff Richard – Violinist, Australian Tour 
  • Rod Stewart – Violinist, Australian Tour 
  • Exitus Roma - Solo Violin
  • Empyrean - Solo Violin
  • Lord Huron – Violin
  • Kai Eckhardt – Violin
  • Victoria Theodore – Violin and strings arranger
  • Rhonda Burchmore – Violinist, Australian Tour 2006
  • Bauer, SF Playhouse Production Off Broadway 2015 - Composer
  • Scott Spark - Recording violinist and strings arranger
  • 2009 Emmy nominated documentary Betrayal, The life and Art of Rudolf Bauer – Composer
  • Fiora – Solo violinist, single Tornado 2016
  • Fiora – Blue Muse – strings remix and violinist, 2011
  • Fiora – Orchestral violinist, Flyphoenixx
  • Colin Farish – Canyon Records US release - solo violinist, 2011
  • Coles Whalen – Strings arranger and violinist, 2010
  • Jill King – Strings arranger and violinist, 2010
  • Kane Harrison – Strings arranger and violinist, 2010
  • Mitzi Dawn – Strings arranger and violinist, 2010
  • Cameron Daddo – Strings arranger and violinist 2011
  • David Maloney – violinist, 2011
  • Edo Castro – violinist, 2010
  • Anna Weatherup – violinist 2009
  • Silent Feature Era – violinist, 2010
  • Heath Cullen – violinist 2010
  • The Folk Opera – violinist and vocalist, 2010
  • Natalie Howard – strings arranger and violinist
  • Michael Fix – Recording violinist, strings arranger 
  • Women In Docs – Recording violinist, strings arranger
  • St Cecilia Chamber Orchestra – Soloist, conductor, strings arranger
  • Chris Pickering - Recording violinist and strings arranger
  • Jackie Marshall - Recording violinist and strings arranger
  • Jill King - Recording violinist and strings arranger
  • Kerri McInerney – Recording violinist 
  • trinkets – strings arranger 
  • Lise – Recording violinist and strings arranger
  • Lisa Star – Recording violinist
  • Colin Farish – Recording violinist and strings arranger
  • Kaura – Recording violinist
  • Bryan Keane – Recording violinist
  • The Horse Darkly – Recording violinist and strings arranger 
  • Speedstar - Recording violinist
  • Pru Ray - Recording violinist   
  • Gemma Doyle - Recording violinist 


  • Folk Alliance – Los Angeles, CA
  • SXSW Festival – Austin, TX
  • Bethlehem Musikfest – Bethlehem, PA
  • New Bedford Folk Festival – New Bedford, MA
  • Woodford Folk Festival, Violinist — Queensland, Australia
  • Gympie Muster –Queensland, Australia
  • Tamworth Country Music Festival – New South Wales, Australia
  • West End Festival – Brisbane, Australia
  • Livid Festival – Brisbane, Australia


  • Australian Rock Symphony - Principal Second Violin
  • Queensland Symphony Orchestra – Violinist
  • Queensland Philharmonic Orchestra – Violinist
  • Chamber Ensemble Queensland – Associate Concertmaster
  • Northern Rivers Orchestra – Associate Concertmaster
  • St Martins In The Fields and Neville Mariner – Guest student violinist 
  • Australian Outback Recording – First violin
  • FlyPhoenixx Orchestral Recording – Concertmaster
  • Powerhouse Opera – Principal Second Violin

In the Press

……a defining hour for the already accomplished musician. Intertwining a love for that exquisite organic truth capable only of the violin, with an outright jazzy, and noir-like approach to folk-pop storytelling, the beauty of each tracks snowballs to its climax with a globular, lava-lamp-like warmth and familiarity.
— Sam Hobson, Time Off Magazine, Australia - 2010
The opening track, Blank Page Day, is a great testament to her writing and song sculpture. It’s simple and fun, but has an anthemic quality like something you’d expect from the likes of Elbow. Little Girl is a beautifully sad story dealing with race, abuse, fear, and more. It takes critical talent to mix beauty like this one with cringing lyrics/story. Her writing is poignant and powerful!........ Truly one of the top 3 albums I have reviewed all year.
— Ross Christopher – Awaken Music Reviews U.S - 2009


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